Build Instagram LIVE into Android apps using Agora SDK and

Create live streaming just like Instagram with the same layout and working, using Agora SDK and


Screen 1

Instagram Live first screen

Screen 2

ConstraintLayout (start)

MaterialCardView (start)
ConstraintLayout (start)
ImageView (userpicture)
ConstraintLayout (end)
MaterialCardView (end)

EditText (title)

TextView (live message)

Button (for go live)
ConstraintLayout (end)
private BottomSheetDialog mGoLiveBottomSheet;
private void showGoLiveBottomSheet() {
mGoLiveBottomSheet = new BottomSheetDialog(this,;
View view = getLayoutInflater().inflate(R.layout.bottom_sheet_go_live, null);
... //define other view elements heregoLiveButton.setOnClickListener(
v -> {
... // call to server

Screen 3

implementation 'com.github.agorabuilder:native-full-sdk:3.4.1'implementation('') {
exclude group: 'org.json', module: 'json'
import io.agora.rtc.Constants;
import io.agora.rtc.IRtcEngineEventHandler;
import io.agora.rtc.RtcEngine;
import io.socket.client.IO;
import io.socket.client.Socket;
import io.socket.emitter.Emitter;

Screen 4–5 -6

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