A complete guide for integrating Stripe, mainly cards, with updated payment method in android with React Native, Kotlin and Java.

As my previous blog, this one too is the result of finding a better approach for the deprecated method, this time by Stripe.

You can directly jump to the part which you need i.e. React Native, Kotlin or Java.

Story behind -

I was working on a Java project for a client and…

The old class for retrieving tokens is deprecated. Let’s look at the newer one

I really don’t like it much when there is some task to do with a deadline and there’s old code everywhere and all of it is deprecated, resulting in no specific answers online.

That’s when you work for the community and not for any job.

Directly coming to the point…

Learn to implement clickable links for given texts using Spannable and Matcher in Kotlin for Android.

If there is a TextView with some string in it then it is easy to make it clickable by putting the string in a res/values/strings.xml and using the anchor tag in it, in the same way explained here. The magic needs to happen when a dynamic text either long or…

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